Experiment #33: Fork, Spoon, and Butterknife

(Originally uploaded on January 5, 2013 on YouTube)

I put this here as a mirror because on March 21, 2014 it went temporarily unlisted without my consent. The problem is fixed now but I'm keeping the mirror. This was one of my first experiments, done in late December 2012 and posted in early January 2013. I'm mirroring it so people can actually watch it if this happens again.


(Rated G) You've heard your whole life from the time you were little "never put your silverware in the microwave", so I felt like it was a good idea to either disprove this or show everyone why you're warned not to microwave silverware. As you can guess, there was sparking. Lots of it. Almost all of it was concentrated in the fork. Contrary to popular belief, metal does not blow up in the microwave, and it doesn't cause your microwave to explode, unless you're planning on microwaving your silverware with a dry ice bomb.

Another microwave show also microwaved silverware, but neither the fork nor the spoon reacted. Their result was atypical. What happened in this video is what you should usually expect.

Overall, this was really a revisiting of an experiment I did back in 2001, four years before YouTube was even invented! I tested out a spoon in liquid, and found it to be safe, but a fork on a dinner plate turned out to be unsafe. So, I decided to microwave silverware again for YouTube to show the results of my findings over a decade ago. This yielded similar results, but this time I added in the butterknife. The spoon and knife did next to nothing, but the fork more than made up for it and then some. There was so much arcing that the fork tines glowed by the episode's end. Cool visually but not the best thing to try at home if you value your microwave. It won't destroy it or result in an explosion, but it will wear down your microwave and possibly ruin your food. So, the final result was that it's a bad idea to microwave your silverware. Microwave Me is filmed with a bottom of the line, state of the fart digital camcorder. The show stars host and producer Matthew Villani as Captain Microwave and a Sharp Carousel microwave named Demi.

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