We had a little down time during our trip to Raleigh-Durham North Carolina and decided to try to track down Jesse Helms' house. If you don't know, Jesse Helms was a very conservative Republican senator who served for a long time and was, shall we say, less than a friend to the LGBT community. ACT-UP covered his DC house with a condom once, because BIGOT.

From Network Q Out Across America Episode 27, January 1994. Watch the rest of the episode at youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdga93I4Jxjr4Ww-1hYLsUbzaSIcBQdQ2

Produced and directed by David Surber; associate producer Carol Morgan; crew: Evan Lieberman, Lisa Merrill, Aaron Litwin, Jeff Cowan, HiC Luttmers; editors Gerald Brewer, Darryl Frank; graphics by Kelly Lujan; post production :30 Second St., Ltd.

Originally distributed via subscription on VHS tape; aired on public television in the US in 1995.

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