Continued from Jim20, see Jim7 for vid description. Still on how the REST of Luke's Gospel tracks to the benchmarks in the Magnificat post-Birth. In this video, focus is on Mary's benchmarking the Lord's age 30. So that's the next item in the order of Luke's Gospel! In other words, he's tracking her benchmarks to derive what he says as well as the order of what he says. Wow. Big help to hermeneutics, huh.

By the way, at 8:40 or so I say that the 15th year of Tiberius was 29 AD. In 'our' BC/AD system, which Bible writers didn't use, it's 27 AD. This Tiberius issue is explained in . By their own AD accounting (which Luke uses, hence the four-syllable difference stressed in the video here at 175), it would be 29AD for ministry start, and 33 AD for death, since they use HIS AGE as their 'AD'. For us, the 'year' of Him being 29 or 33, is four years earlier, because of our BC/AD changes made by Dionysius Exiguus.

Which means, he expects his audience to have memorized that meter and make the associations (else his outline wouldn't resonate with them)! Really clever, really bald, really shocking proof of Luke's Gospel import and outline, which scholars have puzzled over .. for centuries!

James' meter, reflects all that, especially the yet-future demise of Israel due to Bar Kochba. Which was the flipside of history, when Christ was rejected.

Why this wry number play? 'Issue was, would the original '50' pre-Church play, or is it the '40' for the takedown of the Temple by the MILITARY of the invading 'prince'? Especially, since there's now an extra '7' Hanging Chad of Time, since the Last David was killed at age 33, though slated to be 40? So the 69th week now has to play, too. Same '14' problem, just as predicted since Psalm 90's meter...

Preview of coming contractions: NEW: . The videos on this won't begin until Episode 24, and the pdf will be VERY much changed versus what you see now. For Luke's meter is in TWO parts: his at-the-time-written dateline, is in verses 1:5-7; but he sent a COPY to Theophilus 7 years later, and that 'cover letter' (verses 1-4) has its own meter.

Meaning is still intact, compared to James.

Other Associated links for this journey:
Prophetic value of Priestly course names: . Pay close attention to the prophetic 'themes' for Sivan (when John born) and Chislev (when Lord born). (or 'pdf', for the pdf copy), Mary's Meter structure. You need the free BibleWorks fonts for the doc, . showing the countdown from Antiochus IV and Chanukah, which Mary 'maps'. Column F is yet incomplete. Dates are shown in 'our' errant BC/AD system, as well as in Roman AUC calendar, which I suspect Mary and Paul use. Still testing that idea. (or 'pdf', for the pdf version), page 8, on Psalm 90 sevened-meter structure. For the doc, you also need BibleWorks fonts. (or 'pdf') , Daniel 9:4-19's meter structure, 'ChronoChart' section. For the rtf, you also need BibleWorks fonts.

That rtf(pdf) also has extensive notes on his king-mapping with ties to the Chronicles and Kings verses he references. Isaiah 53's meter map structure. Map of Time from Adam forward, so you can better tie real time to Psalm 90's meter map. (or htm) on Ephesians 1 (Pages 2-3 summarize God's Doctrine of Time, pp.4-5 contain all links to all related videos, Word docs and webpages on both the meter and the Doctrine of Time in Bible.) For the doc (or htm), you also need BibleWorks fonts. The pdf is .

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