I've seen tons of plans for these things. Here's mine! This project can be done for under $100 (if you don't screw it up like I did). The audio is horrid, I know. Don't care though! Below is a list of parts you will need, you can figure out what tools to use. I include some footage at the end, using this dolly. If you have a slow computer, or you don't have the most recent copy of flash installed, panning and side motions (hell, any motion) will look like crap! Viewed this video on a computer other than mine & I couldn't watch it. Too damn jerky! And YES, this is "No Budget" compared to what you would pay for a pro setup.

(1) 32" square x 3/4" thick piece of plywood
(8) Soft inline skate wheels
(2) 32" pieces of 1 1/2" angle aluminum (1/8" wall thickness)
(8) 1/4" / 20x2" hex bolts
(8) 1/4" flat washers
(28) 1/4" nuts
(16) 1 1/4" fender washers
(4) 1/4"x2 1/2" carriage bolts
(2) 10' pieces of 1" sch. 40 PVC pipe
(1) 5/16" drill bit
(1) Medium size drill bit (smaller then your 5/16" bit)
(1) Small drill bit (I used a 9/32" bit for my starter holes)

More no budget tutorials here: vimeo.com/album/11663

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