Design & Selling Psychology meets Presentation in one place - this is the power of Pitchure®. The ability to pitch any idea in a single picture.

I’m Profoundly Dyslexic & on a mission to change the way the Business World sees Dyslexia. The World’s most successful CEO’s are Dyslexic. Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson, Fashion Tycoon Tommy Hilfiger & so were Apple’s Steve Jobs, Ford’s Henry Ford & even IKEA was named by a Dyslexic Businessman.

It’s not that the Business World is anti-Dyslexia. It’s the fact that it relies so heavily on reports & words. Everyone knows that Dyslexics think creatively so let’s present Business ideas to match this. Pitchure® is also perfect for everyone with learning difficulties & I’ve been Mentoring these Students through my Award Winning work for years.

At Oxford I was called a ‘freak’ for my birds eye view of data analysis. At Cambridge I stopped a Professor in His tracks by simply asking what his scientific equation looked like in real life. My Presentation at The European Geophysical Union Conference in Nice in the South of France went very smoothly as a result! But the most important thing is that EVERYBODY in the Audience understood the Methods too - through pictures.

This project is a collaboration between Marie O’Riordan & I. We already collaborate together in the Business World & have changed attitudes about how people present ideas around the World through images.

I find it just a little crazy that every Business starts with an unreadable Business Development Plan while every Research Project & Thesis starts with an obnoxious literature review.

By the way, I can’t even think without coloured markers! So, Pitchure® is perfect as a creative tool for everyone.

Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly.

‘My mind works like Google for images. You put in a keyword: it brings up pictures,’ Temple Grandin, U.S. Professor & Autism Activist.

Anything Can Be Sold In A Picture®

Dyslexic & Learning Difficulties Friendly.
The Biggest Change to Business Since the Invention of Computers.


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