Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera series Part 4 audio

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera series Part 4 audio

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera firmware 1.6.2

For more information about this video go to my web site. Their, I will add any updates if needed and have links to some of the things talked about in this video.

Part 4 was a lot of work, so many trial and errors but after all this was done I think I found the Pocket and ZOOMs sweet spot. You may have to tweak things under different condition I suppose, but these setting are going to work for me most of the time. Theirs not much more I can add but the bottom line is, that recording audio separately on the ZOOM H1 at its highest settings of 96kHz 24bit is going to give you the best audio, but with just adding a little bass and DeNoise to the Pockets internal audio (depending on mic used) you can probably be safe recording many projects (fast turn arounds) in camera and no one watching the video will think twice about the audio.

I was using a cheap Radio Shack lav mic that I have been using for years and it works great, but you will have different results with these test if your using other mics. I can only imagine with better mics the audio will be much better. I hope this video was not confusing because it was for me trying to get all the settings laid out.

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