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Transfer of Health is the revolutionary champion for sick and tired people; it is a winning resource that those who are in pain can turn to and crush their risk of failure. This system turns their food and fitness goals into achievable tasks and overall well-being, thereby offering a phenomenal program that gives members on a variety of diets early measurable success to celebrate.

"We were terrified that Duane was so sick, and the doctors had no idea what was causing it and how to help him. He seemed to be painfully wasting away before our very eyes. The medications prescribed by the doctors were damaging Duane's liver, and he just seemed to get more and more sick every day. Desperate help, we took him to a naturopath who transformed our family's diet and gave him several natural supplements. We were shocked when his health began to improve within 24 hours,and was back to work only two weeks later. The changes we made back then and continue to share with others through Transfer of Health are fairly simple, but extremely powerful."

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What an amazing idea - a mother and daughter would team up and do this from home. Snow, ice, or clear - there are no excuses to not look hot and sexy in 2014. Read about Tiffany and Miranda:

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