In this brief video, it shows me, with my mom, sis and Richie have a short, mini outing around Concord, CA. The main reason that we went up to Concord was since my mom had an important appointment at the Christ Community Church of the Nazarene around noon time or so.

The video starts off by showing part of the road trip up to the city of Concord. We headed straight to the church and it was nearing noon time. Since they were behind schedule of their appointments, we got to look around the church's facility a bit. It's such a nice day out. It was my first time seeing inside and around the area. Their gym had carpet as well which was quite neat. After looking around a bit, me, sis and Richie went exploring a bit around the area. Richie had to stop by a bank as well. It was a nice city. Too bad we had a limited time to explore.

After exploring a bit, we went back to the church, waited for my mom to finish her appointment and then headed out to eat lunch around the city. By the way, we saw a couple of our old Spanish congregation members, which were so happen to be Pastor Elsa and her husband.

We went to eat lunch at the Morning Star Cafe, located deep inside Concord, CA. We were wanting to try their Filipino food here. What was interesting about the restaurant was that it had just reopened a couple weeks or so prior. What happened was that the original owner/cook had won the lottery so he backed off to continue working in the restaurant. So this couple was there at the current time, trying to bring it back to life. Their menu was also starting out from scratch again...with less than 10 items on their whole menu. But despite the rough times of the restaurant, their food was delicious, especially the shanghai lumpia and pansit, though the pansit was just a tad too salty.

I ordered the Paresilog meal. It included beef pares, fried rice and eggs. By the way, the cook gave us his specialty of beef ribs and beef strips for free, since we were out-of-towners!

After a satisfying lunch, we left the place just after 3 p.m. We stopped by McD's to get some drinks and for last-minute restroom break. I got an Oreo McFlurry for the road...yummy!! Perfect to have on this warm, early spring day.

It was a nice mini outing we had at Concord, CA!

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