Corby Mobile, launched by Samsung Electronics in November 2009, has positioned itself as a Culture Code among young people, enjoying continuous popularity in overseas countries. The success of Corby Mobile was achieved through a combination of fresh product design, innovative BTL, and active utilization of ATL marketing.
You can see a calm and ordinary street in the UCC video, which seems to be filled with ordinary people enjoying a casual jog, employees moving objects, and a woman fiddling with a mobile handset. All of a sudden, a siren goes off and this mundane street scene is drowned in waves of conspicuous Corby colors, turning it onto a fairyland of the kind we only see in our dreams. The man sitting on the chair rides on the crest of colorful waves on a skateboard, while the woman tying a shoestring suddenly finds herself inside a giant bubble pleasantly floating over the waves. Another man walking in the street is transformed into a guitarist and plays music passionately, and the woman watching her mobile handset mutates into a rocket man, and sores into the sky leaving a long trail in her wake. The people on the street are abruptly transformed into characters with distinctive personalities.

Culture Code of youth, Corby

Corby CF is designed to arouse viewers' curiosity about whether it is a general UCC video or an actual advertisement. The combination of a UCC with an advertisement successfully stimulated the curiosity of teenagers and youths in their 20s, Corby's main customers, because UCC is one of the primary concerns of young people. Subsequent to the UCC videos, distinctive colors reminiscent of candy succeeded in capturing the attention of youth immediately, and the concept of Corby - dynamism and freshness - was also successfully expressed.

Client: samsung
Production Company: d'strict (
Shooting: dextor lab
Performer: Prepix
Illustration: Park gyung ho
Character modeling: Kim mu gwang
Motion capture, Actor: unito-ent
Bgm: mika- we are golden
Sound design: Kim taek su
Animation, Motion design, Compositing: d'strict (

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