SHOWREEL R&D - Education Reel

Artist: Matthias Isele
Music: Klaypex (see below for further information)
Duration: 4min 30sec
Resolution: SXGA (1280x1024px)


This SHOWREEL contains samples of work as Technical Artist during my studies from the fields
of application-oriented research & development and artist-friendly GUI-programming for 3D Artists.
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01. lightorchestra [TC 00:00:13]
tool for creating streams of millions of particles
client: Ars Electronica Linz GmbH (AT)
[3DS Max (MAXScript), FumeFX, PFlow, Krakatoa]
02. d_PAINT [TC 00:00:43]
painterly style creation tool for 3D objects
[Maya (MEL)]
03. genericText2Plant [TC 00:01:04]
procedural plant creation tool per textfile input
[Maya (MEL)]
04. Vir2Real [TC 00:01:28]
camera white balance tool for a real-time game engine per statistical image analysis
05. Raumspannung [TC 00:01:45]
multi-person stereoscopic media installation
06. car behavior [TC 00:02:00]
artificial intelligence programming for vehicles
07. RIB_AttributeChanger [TC 00:02:13]
tool for quick & easy changing global options in RenderMan Interface Bytestream files
08. shader development [TC 00:02:31]
artist-friendly window glass & snow shader
[Maya (Maya Shading Network), Mental Ray (Phenomena)]
09. camera expressions [TC 00:02:52]
Bounding Box Proxy & distance dependent ID Pass creation scripts for production
[Maya (MEL)]
10. lightSequenceBaker [TC 00:03:10]
per opbject & frame light baker tool for animations
[Maya (MEL)]
11. treetopGen [TC 00:03:32]
tool for artwork-directed & artist-friendly canopy creations
[Maya (MEL)]
12. sceneParser [TC 00:03:55]
keyframe remover & rendering management tool
[Maya (MEL), MS-DOS (Batch)]

Special thanks to Klaypex who allowed me to use one of their tracks.
Join Klaypex in the net, go to:

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