TURKIYE WELCOMES YOU to the 5th World Youth Congress is in Turkiye, 31 July 13 August 2010
We are delighted that the 5th in this great series of World Youth Congresses on Youth and Development will be held in Istanbul, Turkiye in 2010!

Turkiye will welcome 1000 young people from around the world to meet during İstanbuls year as the European Capital of Culture. You will have the chance learn a lot about Turkish culture, about Turkish people, and the history of one of the oldest civilizations of the world which is now the 2nd fastest growing modern economy in the world after China.

Also, just as in Hawaii, you learned about the word Aloha and here in Canada you learned the meaning of Regeneration, in Turkiye, we hope you will discover the meaning of the word: "imece" - a turkish word which doesnt have exact definition in English. It refers to an ancient tradition of solidarity - working collectively for the common good. But it carries with it not the connotation of effort or duty but the fun of collaboration: like its always a festival of enjoying yourself when you work and achieve things together.

We hope that this is how young people around the world will see youth-led development: the effort to make poverty history in our lifetimes and create peace, human rights, democracy, Trust, Volunteerism and a prosperous green economy that will bring sustainable happiness to every race and nation on the earth this is imece! And it will be the greatest source of joy and fun for us all to take part in this effort.

Istanbul is at the crossroads of civilisations a meeting point of two great continents. Join us in Istanbul, and help us write another chapter in this history of this fascinating city: one in which the young people of the world and their governments learn to work together in imece to eliminate the scourge of poverty from our world.

For more information and to apply check turkiye2010.org

But hurry, the deadline is January 31st!!!

Produced by: peacechild.org

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