You don’t need to do anything to belong to the Big Underwear Religion -
you’re already part of it.
(Bobarino Gravittini)

The Big Underwear Social Tour

A fascinating road trip across Central America

From Puebla, Mexico a colorful group of street circus artists sets off for Panama in a converted city bus. For three months, three generations - 19 people from 9 countries - share the smallest of spaces; rehearsing, partying, eating and arguing. They perform in remote villages for people who have never seen anything like it before. Language barriers are not the artistes only obstacle; their wildly different cultural backgrounds, expectations, disappointments, and dreams also become apparent and touch the audience.

The bus travels through small villages, mangrove swamps, across volcanoes - and nearly gets lost in the urban jungle. Many times it gets stuck. The artistes fish for electricity and overcome chasms, road blocks, and border controls. Again and again the show takes centre stage, enthralling and captivating its audience. We see people’s reactions - what they think and feel. Nowhere is a performer closer to their audience than on the street.

Germany, 2013, 80 min., by Ralf Schauwacker, Contact:

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