“The Pump” is a lifestyle documentary series about the fitness industry. Focusing mainly on body building, and the business of personal training this show touches on everything from the lifestyle of personal trainers, the supplement industry, and the psychology behind competing in posing competitions.

We explore the surprisingly intimate relationship that famous body builders have with the general public,how to define “making it” in fitness, and the relationship that human beings have between their mind, body and the way others perceive them. Our focal point of the show is recent recipient of “Trainer of the Year” Kevin McAllister.

With a two year old son, a recent divorce, and his career as a personal trainer on the rise, Kevin finds himself brushing shoulders with fitness industry giants as he pushes to take his career to the next level.

Created by: Andrew King
Twitter: @MTVAndrew

Starring: Kevin McAllister
Twitter: @shamrockfitness

Shot by: Andrew King, Dylan O'Donnell
Sound: Dylan O'Donnell, Andrew King, Jason Maverick
Editing: Andrew King

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