Pablo Peña creates a visual sound registered in Blanca with the intention of making us perceive the multiple options of the sound, using objects and furnishings that are with us every day in our environment. His work focuses on the construction of this documentary bringing other way of perceiving the sound that can analyze and contextualize our reality.

Extract video from the project presented at Centro Negra "El Canto de la Farola" . March 2014

For a week the guest artists for this seventh intervention focus on the idea of " speculate" about possible realities in the town of Blanca for the next 10 years.
Today's societies are related to fear, violence and the insecurity of capitalism, we can think of the place you will be driving the presence of a global crisis affecting our status as citizens and our political attitude in reference to that promise of happiness associated with the welfare state. We start to think about the immediate present with future projection.

space for research and contemporary creation
Calle del Castillo, 30
Blanca Murcia Spain

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