Have you ever imagined being an undercover spy ? or a secret agent ? what about undercover editor ?

Yes, It was my first time being an undercover editor and I introduced myself as Chris the “INTERN” who backup files to make sure no footage are lost on that day.

It all started when Deborah the lovely bride planned this scheme with our producer to surprise Andrew with a same day edit, and I had to skip the meeting with our lovely couple, just in case I accidentally blurt something out about the secret same day edit.

And tough it was, because people would start asking things like, “are you doing the same day edit ?” , “are you the editor ?” and occasionally I had to switch my editing window into something else.

Andrew once played too much Pokemon card, making sure he catches them all (Gotta catch them all, get it?) until the love of his life Deborah appeared, he is a very gentle man and full of smile, I feel welcomed the minute I saw him.

Deborah is such a lovely woman, just like Andrew she welcomed me with smile, offer me some refreshment even though she was stressing out that morning.

I almost shed some tears while editing, when I watched Deborah and her father cried in the car, and how he tried so hard not to cry when handing her over to Andrew, it was such
a beautiful scene.

The night went really well, the room was filled with joy, happy tears and great dance moves. I sat in a corner making sure no one was peeking at my laptop, and putting a straight face the whole night.

Deborah, thank you for giving me the experience of being an undercover editor, working on my acting skill and poker face, it was a lot of fun, and I guess it was all worth it when we saw Andrew cried watching the SDE.

May God bless the both of you.

Song is La Reyna by Penny & Sparrow
Licensed through themusicbed

“INTERN” Chris {paper cranes}
Website: papercranes.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/papercranesproductions

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