Boston Public Library 2014 NYE video mapping project was commissioned by First Night and the City of Boston.

Video mapping project execution by Zebbler Studios team:
• Creative direction and project management by Zebbler
• Concept and storyboard by Zebbler, Devon Bryant and Ktron with assistance of the ZS animation team and the city of Boston
• Animation by Devon Bryant, Tato Herrero, Ofer Zmora, Ian Chris Keller, Philip Gedarovich, Brody Froelich, Tim Mearini and Zebbler
• Music, effects and audio composition by Ben Cantil (Encanti) with additional music by Vanessa Garde, Maeve Gilchrist, and Ricardo Curto.
• Mapping engineer: Devon Bryant
• Production assistants: Andy Buns, Andy Sylvester, Drendan Orion
• 3d template modeling: Ian Chris Keller
• CAD design: Jacob Fenwick and Doug Ruuska
• CNC Library sculptural modeling by Jacob Fenwick
• CNC management assitance: James Arthur
• Zebbler Studios media liaison: Joe Grafton
• Additional assistance by Bill Griffith, Joe Stcroix, Mat Welch

Projector rental and installation: Zasco Productions, LLC
Initial concept: Priscilla
Initial concept advancement: Romanelli Media and Mihai Dinulescu
First Night liaison: Carrie Gesteland
First Night production manager: Peter Garland
First Night media liaison: Ami Bennitt

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