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  1. DeeVee

    by lucidhouse joined

    72 Videos / 65 Members

    DJ + VJ electronic Audio visual sets. Live gig recordings or produced mixes. Electro, minimal, techno, dub... [please do not submit footage of screens shot by camera, only mixes recorded from…

  2. Motion Graphics Festival

    by MGFest joined

    223 Videos / 106 Members

  3. videoart

    by nagash joined

    67.7K Videos / 20.6K Members

    art for the moving canvas

  4. VJ Showcase

    by Fader joined

    8,904 Videos / 2,739 Members

    Showcase and share your latest VJ demo, live mix, AV mash-up and experimental video work with the rest of the VJ community.

  5. VJ

    by Videographers joined

    3,017 Videos / 760 Members

    This group is for VJ's and anyone who produce software, hardware or services.

  6. VJ Loops

    by VJLoops.com joined

    772 Videos / 465 Members

    A group for motion graphics artists, videographers, animators and multi-media artists who create content. Advertisements not related to vjloops.com will be deleted. Thank you.

  7. VJ Community Content

    by Telford Flights joined

    569 Videos / 111 Members

    Welcome to VJ Community Content on Vimeo.


    by TOKYO VJ joined

    2,038 Videos / 648 Members

    Home base for Tokyo VJs, Tokyo Video Art, Booking agency for VJs in Tokyo and abroad, DVD publishing, book publishing, gallery exhibitions, audio-visual performance, how-to blogs, contact network,…

  9. LIVE visuals

    by vj granda joined

    1,952 Videos / 712 Members

    Live performed & Live recorded visuals. Visuales realizados y grabados en vivo. Visuels réalisés et filmé en direct. NO LOOPS, NO LOOPS PACK !!!!

  10. Vjs Brasil

    by Flavio Reis joined

    818 Videos / 196 Members

    Produções dos Vjs do Brasil interessados em trocar infos, loops, contatos e idéias ! If you aren't from Brazil don't feel bad :P JOIN US TOO !!! PEACE

  11. Vj Finland

    by Andrei joined

    318 Videos / 88 Members

    VJFinland is an open forum dedicated to the Finnish VJ culture. The aim of the forum is to develop the local VJ scene and and support the related people. It also presentates Finnish VJ scene in…

  12. VJ Loop Exchange

    by Jan R. joined

    992 Videos / 2,110 Members

    Welcome to the VJ Loop Exchange Group. By default all these clips are free to be remixed by you during a live performance. Do not use any of this content in your demo reel, unless it was made…

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