Don't all roads lead to God?
Is abortion morally justified?
Aren't Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses Christians?
Are there really such things as absolute truth and morality?
What does the Bible say about homosexuality and euthanasia?

Helping believers respond to questions like the ones mentioned above is much of what we are about. Love of Truth Ministries is an apologetics training and outreach ministry. We are primarily focused on two areas of Apologetics: Theological and Cultural. The theological side is designed to teach Christians how to defend their faith in this pluralistic and postmodern society. The Cultural side is designed to train people how to defend the lives of the unborn by speaking truth through reasonable dialogue as well as graphic visuals.

Through the vehicle of informative seminar presentations, this ministry gives participants the tools needed to defend the truth, as well as encourage them to go out into the world and use their apologetics training to reach a lost and dying world, impacting their culture for Christ.
Speaking the Truth in Love

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