Of all the European Classical composers, it is Johann Sebastian Bach that solely remains universal. It could be said that Bach's influence is no less significant on jazz musicians than most anyone else. His literature, western harmony, counterpoint, improvisation, development and his own great fiddling from his day, creates a consequential bridge to the Americas. Bach's greatest solo compositions is the literature that violin students should study and that I myself studied as a student, therefore I have added the Allemande movement of his Violin Partita No. 2 near the end of Book IV. In addition to printing Bach's version in my book, I have arranged an edition of the piece using my new bowings, articulation, dynamics, tempo variances, some double-stops and rhythmical syncopation as an example of creative study and unique performance opportunities (seen here). The Allemande was a dance in Bach's day and through the centuries remained useful in dance terminology all the way into American square dancing vernacular (Allemand left, swing your partner, do-si-do are common terms) Ultimately I encourage everyone to freely interpret Bach's masterpieces again, much like musicians did until more recent times.

The O'Connor Method concentrates on the rich literature of American music including Mexico and Canada - American Classical Music, Hoedowns, Blues, Spirituals, Ragtime, Jazz, Bach, Baroque, Hymns, Bluegrass, Folk Songs, Rock, Ranchero, Jigs, Choros, modern compositions and much more. This Method and its materials are now able to inspire today's violin students numbering in the tens of thousands in just a few short years of its initial release. Ultimately Book IV is for the student who has become serious about musical study on their own terms. It arrives at a point in their development when most students will decide whether to continue with the violin. I feel that this is my greatest effort in creating a lasting love of the instrument, its literature, its beautiful sound, it's powerful history and the student's ability to touch people's hearts. --Mark O'Connor (2014)

Recorded March, 12th, 2014 at Sean Swinney Studios, New York City

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