A patch utilizing the WMD Sequential Switch Matrix as a routing switch for incoming gates. Gate sources are four channels of the 4ms SCM which are routed to the Cylonix Shapeshifter, TipTop BD808, Mutable Instruments Braids and Harvestman Hertz Donut MKII. Another output of the 4ms SCM is sequencing through the matrixes via the SSM step/gate input which results in complex and evolving percussion patterns.

Ambient melody is an original piano recording played back via the Qu-bit Electronix Nebulae in loop mode with various time and pitch manipulation, This is then fed through the Serge Resonant Equalizer and Modcan Dual Delay for further modulation.

Additional accent melody coming from the Synthesis Technology E350 though the Flame FX6 reverb and Modcan Phaser with an envelope being triggered by another channel of the 4ms SCM.

Reverb is from the Eventide H8000FW.

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