"Every day our minds form thousands of ideas. Some of them remain in our heads, others go further, moving on, and influencing processes and other people’s thoughts. Just one thought can affect millions of people all over the world. You can never be sure that the thoughts in your head are actually yours. The urban environment surrounding us works as a catalyst, accelerating these processes. The environment around people is constantly shifting, directly and indirectly affecting us. A continuous triangle of connections: environment – people – thoughts – environment. Continuous movement within us and around us."
/ Kristaps Ancāns /

We were commisioned for production of idea and sketches by Kristaps Ancāns.
Consulting, Design, Creative coding, µC, Electrical engineering, Technical design

Client /
Rīga 2014, Ideju Institūts, Kristaps Ancāns

Ideju Institūts

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