Companies around the world are starting to master Business Model Innovation. Few have done it as masterfully as Tesla Motors. Using the Three Levels of Business Models, Christian Rangen of Engage // Innovate, explains how.

Since 2009, Business Model Innovation has been drawing incresing attention from firms around the world. Using the Innovation Pyramid (, we categorize Business Model Innovation as one of the most challenging areas to innovative in.
Three Levels of Business Models is one of the visual strategy & innovation tools developed by Strategy Tools for the Next Generation.

Using "Swing for the fences", "Consulting" and "Milk & Bread", the visual tool gives companies a shared framework and language to work on business model innovation. For advanced users, the business model canvas is recommended to develop complete business models, alongside the Three Levels.

This video was filmed at "Learning to work differently with strategy", in Stavanger, Norway on Jan. 29th 2014.

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