The February 2010 episode of Yuxtapongo, the NC public access TV show.

Video and Music by Eleanor Blake, Kevin Eugene Clark, Jesse England, Irene Moon, Neill Prewitt & Pykrete.

An introduction from an undisclosed Mexican beach by Neill Prewitt & Eleanor Blake ( +;

Ecto by Kevin Eugene Clark, a saturated texture overload tempered by a melodic audio track;

Synthesis, a collaboration by Neill Prewitt & Pykrete, layering independently-created controlled meditations on audio and video feedback ( +;

Global Bear by Jesse England, a deconstruction of advertisements of that cute, bouncy toilet paper bear (;

Aster Tide Auk by Irene Moon, the latest in Moon and friends' series of absurdist theatre, drawing on the symbology of her European roots (

This episode aired on Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro and Hillsborough, North Carolina public access tv throughout January of 2010.

Yuxtapongo: NC public access TV 2008-12.
40 episodes at

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