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They made up the most remarkable collection of farm tractors ever assembled. Stinson, Baker, Russell, Rumely, and Case are their names. Most date to the early 20th Century. After a lifetime of collecting, owner Jim Erdle (now in his mid-80's) put them up for sale. And what a sale it was. Enthusiasts from around the world scrambled to bid over three days as hearts pounded and prices soared. Since some were the only surviving examples, they commanded incredible prices. The top 10 sellers alone went for a total of two million dollars.


The Department of Style is a field guide to the timeless, the adventurous, and the enthusiastic. We celebrate craft. We explore tradition. We find the creative imaginations that take classic forms and make them their own.

It is about understanding that in life, doing something right takes time, and skill, and effort. But therein lies the joy. Finding people who still do those things that way and telling their stories is the original Departmental mandate.

Semper Intrepidus

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