Here's how you prepare your audio files in Garageband if you want to export them for someone else to mix.

Watch the video above for the details on how to export using Garageband but for any audio software you should consider these few things when you're exporting your files for online mixing through Crowd Audio.

Step 1 – Consolidate
The best way is to consolidate all the tracks so that they all start at the same time, or the beginning. That way anybody can import the audio files and they all sync up.

Step 2 – Take care of MIDI
If you have MIDI files you will have to convert them to audio before you export. We had problems with previous competitions because the midi files don’t export in the same way.

Step 3 – Deactivate plug-ins
The best thing is to leave the tracks raw, without any processing. That means deactivating all plug-ins and such on every channel so that the engineers will have as much control over the audio as possible. Leave all your tracks panned into the center as well.

Also, make sure stereo tracks are actually stereo and not mono because they take up more bandwidth.
If you have certain tracks that absolutely need their effects then you can leave them on. If it’s a vital part of the production then do not deactivate those effects.

Step 4 – Mono and Stereo Conversion
Please make sure all your mono tracks are mono and not accidentally stereo. You’ll save a lot of upload time for yourself since your file sizes will be smaller. Some recording software treat some mono tracks as stereo so go through all the tracks in your session and double-check that all your stereo files are actually stereo and not mono files in hiding.

Step 5 – Export!
Depending on the software that you used, there are a few different methods for exporting your audio. Make sure your exported files are at least 44.1 kHz, 24 bit WAV or AIF files. Mp3 exports are not acceptable as their quality is not high enough for proper professional mixing.

Step 6 – Zip it up and Upload!
You need to put all of your files into a zip file in order to upload it to our website. Once that’s done you you can upload your files when you start a competition.

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