Interaction tags are very important for recording custom notes on your contacts.

Groopt Data comes prepared with some basic interactions like email, phone call, and general notes, however you can always create more from within the settings.

1. When creating a new interaction tag, choose an icon and give it a name. Both the name and icon will show up on profiles when a an interaction is recorded on a contact’s profile. Once you have setup your custom interactions, lets record one on a profile.

- The first tab on a user or group profile is called the activity. Here you will find a chronological list of all the past interactions recorded for the selected contact.

- To create a new interaction, type some notes into the text field, select the interaction type from the dropdown, and choose whether you want to attach a file to this interaction.

- When your changes have been saved, the interaction will appear at the top of the activity stream. You can click on the author’s name to visit their profile, or select the comment icon on the right to record a comment on one of the interactions.

At anytime you can revisit the settings to create new custom interaction tags.

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