There are a number of different ways to add contacts to your database, making it easy for your organization to choose the one that works best.

1. To add contacts, visit the people directory, and select the add people button. This will take you to a screen where you can quickly add multiple contacts at a time.

- First, input the basic information for the contacts you would like to add. If you have an email list, you can also paste that into the email list dialogue. Once all your contacts have been added, decide whether you want to assign them additional criteria. From this menu, you can assign your new members to roles, groups, group roles, and forms. When these contacts are added, all assigned criteria will be attached to their profiles.

- Next, decide whether you want to invite these new contacts to your database. When you check this box, it will send an email to these contacts asking them to join your organization. When they register, they will gain access to their Inbox, a portal that allows them to fill out forms, make payments, and update their contact information. Click the add button to create your new contacts.

2. Another powerful way to add contacts to your database is by creating a public invite link. Public invite links allow you to share out a custom link that people can click on to join your organization. When creating a new public invite link, decide if you want the link to close at some predetermined time, and assign criteria to the link. Anyone who joins your organization through this link will be assigned all criteria attached to the invite link.

- Once you have saved your changes, you will be presented with an invite link you can now share out on social networks, via email, or linked on your website. If you ever need to create, manage, or delete an invite link, you can do so from the link directory page.

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