Be My Wife and Be My Universe - Sucipto & Fergie
I knew Cipto since I was in Seattle through friends. We had never got introduced to each other since our college was such a rival in terms of IFGF Mini Olympic in Seattle.

I mentioned quite a lot about Seattle because this city has written a love story between Sucipto Soetanto & Fergie Levinia Widjaya .

We might wonder how they start the relationship. Sucipto met Fergie in Edmonds Community College during orientation. He was a senior for her in college. As a senior, in Edmonds Community College - He personally took her to college tour. Just the two of them. Yes.

Little Collins Video has their love story captured on a prewedding video.
Please check for You Are My Universe by Sucipto Soetanto & Fergie Levinia Widjaya
Time flies so fast..and now, they are as a husband and wife. We might see how emotional Sucipto saying their vow as a symbol of a husband that will always take care his wife as A Senior taking care A junior in community college.


Make up by Susi Kleo
Wedding Decoration by Lotus Decor
Wedding gown by The Silk

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