Do you know what is like to be like an elephant? walk like an elephant? eat like an elephant?
Shot 100% with GOPRO 3+ I invite you to enjoy this intimate view of a group of elephants at the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage! I guarantee some of the elephantcam images you have never seen before and I hope that after feeling like an elephant this experience will inspire you to take action and save them. Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed. AT THIS RATE NONE WILL BE ROAMING WILD IN 2025!!! and we can't allow that!!!! enjoy the video, feel like an elephant, be like an elephant, love these amazing animals and make a bigger effort to stop the ivory trade!

You can help by just sharing this video and spread the world or support this organizations:

Shot 100% with Gopro 3+ by Cristian Dimitrius
Editing by Daniel Polacow



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