This video answers the question, "How do the Ninja Spray Goggles work?

Problocker Spray Eyewear proudly presents the Ninja™ SPRAY GOGGLES offers a solution for those who want an eyewear that lets the spray painter "spray 60 minutes an hour" without putting the spray-gun down to fiddle with the eyewear, as well as the spray painter who wants an eyewear that he can "just put it on and spray till the job is done."

What are the benefits of using Problocker's Ninja Spray Goggles?

The benefits of Ninja Spray Goggles ( )

1. Maintenance free
2. Does NOT fog up
3. Ultra lightweight
4. No adjustments
5. May be used over safety goggles
6. Disposable
7. Blocks out paint overspray
8. Provides continuous clear vision

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