The memory of our last kiss sliced through my mind. We had been standing in the corner of the bedroom eight feet from where I now lay. As our lips parted, I felt something else separate too.

“Isaiah, I’m leaving.” The room seemed like it was tilting. She was my first love, my only love, and she wanted out.


Isaiah Stratton was a clean-cut, churchgoing kind of guy. In his world divorce just didn’t happen. But when his wife left him, his initial shock gave way first to anguish and eventually to disillusionment with God and with others—and with himself. In his grief, Isaiah slowly withdrew from his friends and family, eventually finding himself alone on a downward spiral that he never would have imagined possible.

Hope seemed a joke. But there was still One who hadn’t left him.

How do you live when someone who means the world to you is suddenly gone? Whether you’ve lost a loved one through divorce, miscarriage, illness or death, life isn’t over. God is still there. This is the story of how one broken man found his path to hope and how you can find yours too.

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