Thank you for taking the time to check out my photography time lapse work.
This time around we start off in Seattle a few weeks prior to spring with the chaotic change in the weather and one evening out at Rattlesnake Lake to take in the stars. That sequence is rather short but you might see the duck zipping right to left across the water.
The second half of my video takes you out to the north Kitsap Peninsula where I spent my Spring Break. Starting off with the night sky overlooking Puget Sound due east followed by the Spring Equinox sunset due west at the mouth of Hood Canal. In the sunset sequence you might notice some Canadian geese swimming across left to right and then they come zipping into shore. That is because there was a sea lion out in the water that you can also see zip by after the geese come to shore from right to left out near the end of the pier.
The last sequence is the one I really enjoyed making and have been wanting to do for quite some time. It is called hyper lapse and it involves fixating on a particular spot on the horizon and as you travel along on foot you snap a photo at varying intervals. I chose to capture an image at every 12th stride to represent the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man Fan pride. Over the course of 1.3 miles I was able to capture nearly 105 images so the sequence is a bit short but enjoyable.
Thanks for taking the time to watch my work and I hope you enjoy.
~Brendan 'Brendinni' Ramsey

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