Disabled Bobi’s Medical Therapy Chip In: k9-rescue.org.uk/little-disabled-bobi-my-life-just-gets-better-and-better/
Sweet, gorgeous little Bobi, our very special little man who has an absolute joy in everything his new life is offering him. His previous life on the streets of Bulgaria was one of misery and abuse. Then he came to us, we knew that this happy, loving little guy had a bright future, one filled with love and care. Sadly as you all know, once in the UK his life was again in danger, he was taken from us and said to have no future, no quality of life; it was deemed his best option was to be euthanized. Thanks to so many friends campaigning, Bobi was saved for the second time… AND Bobi has proved beyond doubt that he wants to live, he has proved his joy and sheer love of life. Please watch our little one run on the beach. Watch his excitement, his curiosity and playfulness. WATCH OUR LITTLE BOY ENJOY AND LOVE HIS LIFE!!

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