On January 22nd, at 7.00PM (Spain time), an action of artistic telepresence will be held between three centers of Arts and New Technologies: MediaLab Prado (Madrid), Arteleku (Donostia) and Matralab (Montreal).

This action will result in a collective and teleshared work between the artists located in the centers and will allow the interaction of the audience in MediaLab Prado

It is a multidisciplinary work, developed in the context of an interactive installation, that proposes a telematic trip through cyberspace, with sensored and robotic elements, and the creation of visuals, sounds, music and performance.

This new experience will be the third and final phase of Huésped, an INTACT Project’s initiative, that will bring together the developments of the previous phases (Huésped 1.0 and Huésped 2.0) and will add some new elements that, up until now, had not been applied to the tele shared action.

The facility setup installed in Medialab will be triggered by the act of a performance which will be “manned” by the audience (those present will contribute to the speed of the boat trip) and “tele-directed” by remote nodes in Arteleku and Matralab.

This time, we will pay special attention to the content and the dramaturgy, which we call “vertical”.

The purpose of this work is to lay the foundations for a participatory, immersive and interactive telepresence on three levels.

More info: intact01.net/es/polizone-huesped-3-0/



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