The aim of this short documentary is to bring forth the notion of ‘noticing’ while touching on the very essence of ‘appreciation'.

Through the subject of line and motion of time as their own entity and together as one; this short collective of footage paints a dark sombre atmosphere as it intertwines itself in different constances of fast and slow pace movement. This showcases, reflects and critiques of just how much we interact with something in our everyday life without noticing.

Exhibited with utmost subtlety, the footages were shot in the space located in Federation Square. I explored a variety of every day inanimate objects that had some kind of form of 'Line'. Some of the subjects include the following: elevator, escalator, architecture around the buildings and shadows. These particular forms worked well together mutually in terms of physicality / of how they we connect with it through (our hands) / in terms of colour they revolve around the same palette which created a harmony and unison in the transition and composition within the video.

By placing the short and fast paced moments of the human interaction with line; I chose to represent the subject of the human hand as a form and presence of a person. The finger tapping was especially chosen to reflect a sense of urgency - tapping of fingers are commonly used when a person is waiting for something. 'Waiting' links through to the essence of 'time': In this particular case 'Time is inevitably running out, however we are constantly on the run and immersed in our busy lives that some or even many of us become oblivious to what we are missing out on, to what we can no longer recognise and notice. Reasons behind this may vary in terms of different factors but the one I've chosen to present is the very idea of not noticing something so close to you, something always by your side and had or is ultimately faded or fading away.

I've chosen an ambiguous statement that looks at infinite answers and individual self interpretations.
Ambiguity, is another mood present within the video as it brings forth an uncertainty but at the same time a new kind of acknowledgment and the perception of unnoticing to its very core in an ironic way.

The curiosity and lastly the doc brings forth a question that we cannot answer ourselves but can only ponder upon... it is one that represents this project as an entity but at the same time leaving us with a lingering thought....

If we can't even see something that is right in front of our very eyes, exactly, what else goes unnoticed?

Thank you and enjoy :)

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