Keeping all the facts straight, well-renowned American Hellmann’s Mayonnaise originally derived from Germany. German immigrant Richard Hellman, who opened up a deli in New York City in 1905, introduced Americans to the recipe.
Originally, two versions of the mayonnaise were sold, leading to an absolute winner in 1913 and from that time on Hellmann’s Mayonnaise were to become an established premium brand that serves to more than 50 countries around the world.
After being reviewed in a Dutch tasting test as a number one in preserving the original mayonnaise flavor, Hellman’s is adding the Netherlands to their list as well.
For this special occasion and being proud mayonnaise lovers, we created an animation that reflects why the richness and heritage of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is such a perfect fit to our little country.

As the Dutch always say, ‘know your mayonnaise.’

Agency & Production: Woodwork
Account producer: Alexander Kosman (Shoq Studio)
Concept & Direction: Marvin Koppejan & Balster van Duijn
Motion designer: Mathijs Luijten
3D: Tim Hijlkema, Jeff Beukema
Copy: Paul Wetherall
Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Graphic Design/Illustration: Marvin Koppejan
Character Design: Marvin Koppejan, Mathijs Luijten
Managing Director: Balster van Duijn
Producer: Sabine van Wechem
Sound Design: MOST
VO: Gregory Shapiro

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