Are you tired of being told what to do/not to do? Or do you always need guidance in life no matter how lousy it may be? Do you feel like suffocating watching the world go messier and messier? Or do you feel you exist outside of it all? Do your motivations in life concern others? Or do you always stand for yourself? Do you have strict principles? Or do you enjoy being flexible?

OBZ’s latest contribution to the existential dilemma… Enjoy!


An anti-militarist action at the dividing UN buffer zone in Nicosia, Cyprus, organised in solidarity with the struggle of Turkish Cypriot conscientious objectors, inspired by the ridiculous rhetoric framing the so-called "Cyprus problem". The action took place on a date that marked 50 year anniversary of United Nations Forces on the island which is the world's longest 'serving' (i.e holiday) period. (March 2014)

Production: Occupy Buffer Zone Media Collective

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