client: New Era
concept and design: dPost
editorial: Bill Cousins
3d: Sam Tato
compositing: Ben Barnhardt
audio: Yessian -

New Era is an international lifestyle brand, best known for being the official on-field cap for Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Working directly with members of the Global Marketing Team, dPost recently completed a massive 3D project from concept through completion.

New Era approached dPost with a daunting task - create an individual spot for each National Baseball League market for broadcast, online and in-stadium use, to introduce their innovative new hat technology. Additionally, numerous reveal spots were needed to unveil new team logos. All this . . . in 10 weeks.

Armed with only basic tech points and a few desired features, dPost set out to design and build style frames which ultimately led to the development of style boards for the chosen concept. The style frames were built in Cinema 4D and After Effects, the same programs that would eventually be used for the animation, allowing New Era to visualize technical features from the very beginning.

Once the concept was selected, dPost hit the ground running. Through constant dialogue with New Era, dPost was able to present each phase, then move to the next, saving critical time. dPost first created rough animation and edits for timing purposes. When timing was approved, high quality features were added and presented back to the client. The process saved days of rendering, which proved invaluable given the aggressive timeline.

“This was a complicated yet dynamic 3D project in relation to the build and design of the hats, as well as the deadline,” explained Bill Cousins, dPost Creative Director. “Because New Era involved us from the get-go, we were successful in advancing the possibilities of the creative because we understood and could manage the complexities of the project while streamlining the workflow.”

The spots are currently being showcased in every Major League market throughout the US and Canada. “We hope this is the first of many winning projects with New Era,” stated dPost President Andy Donovan. “Simply put, it was a home run.”

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