17% of all trips in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area are less than 2km, and 40% are less than 5km, which are perfect distances for either walking for riding your bike.
- Statistic provided by Metrolinx

Every day, Bruce walks a kilometre to his local GO Station as part of his commute into work. As the President and CEO of Metrolinx, he oversees GO Transit, PRESTO and the Union Pearson Express, and is responsible for delivering on the promise of The Big Move, the award-winning regional transportation plan.

A pedestrian himself, he knows the value of providing facilities that encourage and invite residents to walk and cycle. To this aim, Metrolinx has worked with 30 schools in the region to promote walking and cycling habits in students through “Stepping It Up”; with employers across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) through their Smart Commute program which helps organizations and their staff commute by means other than single occupant vehicles; and they have outfitted buses in the region with bike racks that allow cyclists to integrate transit use into their trip planning.

By providing more legitimate travel choices, we get a more efficient, cost effective and balanced transportation system that meets the needs of all users. As we expand regional transportation across the GTHA, Bruce recognizes that investing in walking and cycling infrastructure is a necessary part of how The Big Move will help create this balance. As residents who walk and cycle, it`s our job to ask for the infrastructure that will provide safe travel from doorstep to destination.

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