NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED! I do not own this song, and all content belongs to Chris Butler, Orchard Music and Future Fossil Music.
Chris released this song in 1996. In 1997, it was accepted by Guinness World Records as the World's Longest Pop Song.
Please enjoy.
1. Chris Butler - 0:01
2. Mars Williams - 12:45
3. The Whatnots - 18:03
4. Liam Sternberg - 21:41
5. Fear Of Falling - 26:01
6. The Gefkens - 31:27
7. Bianca Bob Miller - 35:08
8. Michael Baker - 39:20
9. The Know It All Boyfriends - 43:23
10. Violet Ray - 47:01
11. Harvey Gold - 51:04
12. CB - Radio station ID break - 52:45
13. Kramer - 54:38
14. Christopher D. Butler - 56:53
15. Mrs. Irene Elizabeth Butler - 1:00:56
16. CB Back From Lunch - 1:04:09
If you want the full lyrics, they can be found here:
Recorded the whole thing off Spotify from the Internet, Audacity and stereo mix. The song was unfortunately divided into parts and after recording, I had to delete the silences and ads to make the song continuous. (There still may be brief silences between sections though. I didn't remove them completely)
The entire song is in mono, as I was recording with an early version of Audacity.
I might make a contribution to the Major Glitch later, if I know how. You can check out the website at

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