This is what’s happening in Turkey right now, set to to Turkey’s favorite news soundtrack (yes this is what the news plays while they show scenes of devastation, earthquakes, wars, blood-stained roads, people screaming etc. they do like a bit of sensationalism)

'Fuat Avni' et al
Mysterious master of puppets

The current local elections - as is all politics in Turkey - is not a simple democratic process. While Erdogan is doing everything he can to stay in power - including taking desperate measures such as blocking Twitter, Youtube and trying to take full control of media - there are clearly other forces in play who are doing everything they can to remove Erdogan. Almost daily leaks, with a build-up towards election day of 'documents' and 'tapes' accusing Erdogan and his crew of fraud, violence, even supporting terrorism and false flag operations to start a war. Countless, incredible leaks, such as private phone conversations (audio) with Hakan Fidan Ministry of Intelligence undersecretary etc. Whether these accusations and leaked documents are true or not, they are indicative of a considerable power with serious resources determined to eliminate Erdogan.
(e.g. )

I was wrong about the outcome. Despite the incredible amount of leaked 'documents' and 'tapes', and Erdogan's desperate attempts to cling on, he won with a large majority. He won that battle, but the war isn't over.,_2014

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