My latest reel of animation work.

Song: Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt

Shot list:
Mycota - a mobile tactics game created in Unity by Outhouse Games
Created perfectly loopable character animations for the unreleased game, Mycota
Responsible for animation

IM LOVE - a short-short film
Created a short-short from start to finish, including but not limited to concept, modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, animation, compositing, sound, and packaging
Responsible for everything

Mycota - a mobile tactics game created in Unity by Outhouse Games
More character animations from Mycota
Responsible for animation

Don't Lose Your Head - short animation scenario
Experimentation involving exaggerated movement and weight displacement using the Bloke rig
Responsible for animation

Bear on a Bike - short rig test/animation
Created a rig in After Effects involving vector illustrations made in Illustrator put together with null objects, and animated a quick scene
Responsible for everything

Super Apartment Bros. - web series directed by Eric Stover
Animated episodes of the sprite-animated web series Super Apartment Bros as lead animator
Character animation

Lynt - short film by Ryan Heiss
Created from start to finish a short film, Lynt, starring a piece of lint and its life in a cardboard box
Responsible for everything

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