More in my review which should be up later tonight. The last shot is actually 2K 200FPS before you ask! :)

This is the ProRes HQ upload so feel free to download it Plus & Pro members!

Buy the 7Q via my B&H affiliate link that won't cost you a penny more and supports me in funding these reviews:

The FS700 is a funny old camera, it's powerful in many ways but is held back by bad design and in it's official 4K solution, the R5 system, by a very high price and an a crazy long size. Internally of course it is hampered by a weak "consumer" codec. AVCHD.

Convergent Design have been making external recorders for ages. The Odyssey 7Q is by far their best one yet. Part of the appeal is it's an excellent 1280 x 800 OLED monitor in it's own right with loads of features in it. The recorder is behind the screen and it capable of recording from lots of different cameras including the Alexa, C500 and of course the FS700.

Naturally this is a much neater solution that the Sony system, cheaper for sure...but with media still not super cheap...more on that in my review.

This test is mainly to analyse one feature. The ProRes HQ recording of the camera. After all most of us using HD, 4K is still very much a niche format for now. There are loads of recorders that do HD from cameras like this. One of the most affordable is the excellent Samurai Blade from Atomos. Records in ProRes LT to HQ and Avid DNXHD. Only HD of course but it too has an excellent screen, uses standard laptop SSDs and is under $1000.

The feature the 7Q has up it's sleeve that is very special is not possible with HD only recorders. That is the 4K raw to ProRes HQ of the Odyssey.

The FS700 outpust 8 bit out of the HDMI and SDI in HD mode. Even though ProRes is 10 bit it doesn't matter. If all it can output is 8 bit then that's what is being recorded.

In 4K raw to ProRes HQ mode the FS700 outputs a 12 bit 4K raw signal into the 7Q and it converts that into 10 bit ProRes HQ and the results are astonishing. It's true 10 bit AND way more detail, this is one of the most detailed HD images I have ever seen. The only caveat I can see at the moment is the gamma is slightly darker in this mode.

VERY INTERESTING! Anyway more in my review shortly.


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