Description of the shots (All the FumeFx shot are rendered with Scanline Render or V-Ray):

1/2 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx / After Effect

I do this test after I saw a tutorial of VideoCopilot, I really wanted to do this explosion to

confirm my FumeFx skills before I switch to Maya.

3 - Maya / Krakatoa / Nuke

This shot was my first personal shot rendering with Krakatoa, I used a test of Maya Fluids who

drives nparticle for a school project and adapted it to played with Krakatoa.

4 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx / After Effect

For a school project and a friend who gives me this chalenge, I had to make a little tornado

who can be contained on a box ( Like this reference video:

). I tried to create a tornado with a powerful field who can drive the smoke from the ground to

the air with the great rotation like in the reference. I think that I don't really come to a

good or realistic result, but I'm agreeably surprised by the way that follow the fluids.

5 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx / Nuke

I saw a lot of Plume Smoke and Volcano shots on Vimeo by many Fx Artist that I really wanted to

do mine. I have simulating the smoke with one big particle source and four little simple

source. I have a Grid of 490 x 527 x 775 with Wavelet Detail Scale in 1,75.

6 - Maya / Krakatoa & MR (Bullet) / Nuke

This shot was done for the school, I had to make my own version of a shot in the Intro of the

movie Quantum Of Solace. That was the first time that I worked with Krakatoa and not the last

one because it's an amazing plugin.

7 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx / After Effect

I did this explosion shot for an explosion's challenge in the forum,

it's a french forum speciliaze in Houdini. This explosion was created with FumeFx in 3Dsmax and Pflow in emitter.

8 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx Preview

That's the first part of a two parts explosion that I did for the explosion's challenge in

houdinimatic. I learned a lot about how can I improve my render with this shot, I make some

researched about how to render a temperature pass and use it to improve the GI on the smoke.

9 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx / After Effect

That was the final result of the explosion, I did an explosion of fuel on a dirty ground so I

can make a shockwave of dirt with some different colors that the main explosion.

10 - Maya / Nparticle / Nuke

I make this shot for the school, I had to reproduce an effect in an advertising for Nissan. I

used Maya Fluids to create a customised field who drive my particles. After that I meshed all

the particles with the "nparticle to polygon" option of maya. This shot has give me the chance

to improve my skills on particles in Maya and in the same time give me the chance to discover

Maya Fluids in a simple way and the meshing in maya.

11 - Maya / Maya Fluids & Arnold

This shot was done for the school, that was the first time that I worked with Maya Fluids with

the goal to render it. I had to work the mapping of the fluid for optimise the simulation time without loss of quality in the rendering who was done in Arnold that I had to learn to for the shot.

12 - Maya / Maya fluids & Arnold (Smoke) & MR (Geometry) & Maya Software (Add Smoke Details) / Nuke

I did this shot for the school, I had to remake a shot of an advertising Mercedes. That was the second shot that I made on Maya Fluids. I Rendered the smoke in Arnold and in Maya Software so I can compare both and finally I used the Maya Software render in compositing for add some little details that I have losted with Arnold.

13 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx & Pflow / After Effect

I did this shot with a tutorial of Anselm Von Seherr-Thoss ( I have learned a lot about explosion in general with this shot and how I can improve the final look with some details.

14 - 3Dsmax / FumeFx / After Effect

This is a fire render of a fumefx simulation inspired by the following video: I really wanted to focus my work on the motion of the fire for making this as realistic as I can. I learned a lot with this shot and the works of Brandon Young, about Fire Motion and add fields like little wind and some random rotations to make this more real.

Music "Turn Off The Lights" by Emmy Curl
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license

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