Hin Deang (red rock) and Hin Muang (purple rock) are our most famous dive sites visited from Koh Lanta. These beautiful pinnacles offer the best chance of seeing large pelagic like Manta rays and Whale sharks. At times strong currents can occur so a reasonable level of experience and good buoyancy control is recommended for divers visiting these sites.

Hin Muang (Purple Rock)
Hin Muang is so called for its large covering of beautiful purple soft corals which can be seen throughout the dive.
The site itself is a long narrow ridge which rises from the ocean floor about 65m down to its highest point of about 8m. Accessed by a permanent buoy line near the shallowest point, the diver travels along the walls and steep reefs that make up this site with the peaks providing cleaner stations, where Manta Rays and Whale Sharks swim very close to be groomed by the smaller reef fishes.
With an abundance of marine life inhabiting the site, looking out into the blue also offers the diver the chance to see Trevallies, Rainbow Runners, Barracudas, Mackerel and Tuna hunting in schools.
Hin Deang (Red Rock)
Hin Deang is so called for its large covering of beautiful red soft corals which can be seen throughout the dive.
This site is a huge pinnacle that rises from the ocean floor about 50m down. Only a few hundred metres from her sister Hin Muang but three times the size, Hin Deang offers the diver a large variety of dives in one site. With walls, canyons, gentle and steep sloping reefs, pinnacles, and thousands of small holes where many wonderful small and varied creatures reside, Hin Deang offers something for every diver, whether it be small macro, large hunting fish or even beautiful Manta Mays and the occasional Whale Shark. A dive not to be missed.

That's why you should make sure to join our team on our next trip !

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