Postcards from East London -- 9 sixty-second dance films revealing the histories, revolutions and every-day passions that lie just around the corner from us all.

Central Foundation Girls School
Devons Estate

A typical estate in Bow. Less than a mile to the London Olympic site. It looks like many other old housing estates. Are they all just the same, or can they be unique?

Devons Estate Artist Team:
Choreographer: Alesandra Seutin
Film Maker: Anton Califano
Assistant Artist: Robia Milliner Brown and Franqui Radford Mathurin
Composer: danbeats
Artistic Director, Postcards from East London: Jo Parkes, MobileDance
Project Manager: Emma Kerr
Production Assistant: Franqui Radford Mathurin
Project Assistant/Runner: Kate Lewers
Camera Assistant (Devons Estate): Amber Dobinson
Sound Recordist: Amber Dobinson
Dancers from Central Foundation Girls School
Group Leaders: Melanie Travis, Naomi Harrigan and Fathima Bibi and Sybil West

Postcards from East London was commissioned by Big Dance and High Street 2012.
To see the films please visit the Postcards website on

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