Visuals sample using VDMX, uncompressed output via Movie Recorder plugin, saved to internal SSD. A 2nd machine with a BlackMagic capture card would provide better frame rates using HDMI.

The key to making sure your layers and groups behave nicely in VDMX is to use the FX /Color Effect/Layer Mask at the group level without selecting a mask image. This will ensure your group has a transparent background when using the Composition Mode: OpenGL- Over.

Layers: 2x legs, 2x diamond, 2x diamond mask, 1x Lips, 1x Background (Color bars.qtz), 4x groups (2x nested)
Plugins: 1x AudioAnalysis, 1x Clock, 2x LFO, 1x MovieRecorder, 1x TCM (two channel mixer)

You can find VDMX at

Credits: Dood, Urban Animal, Claude VonStroke, 2013

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