1. Torture Throne - Morbid Wrath
2. Burning Flesh - Scums
3. Thyruz - The Final Holocaust
4. Hardcore Anal Hydrogen - Coq Au Vin
5. Bourreau - Murderous Therapy
6. Ixpapalotl - Concrete Suffering
7. Aeons Confer - Esp
8. Visions Of The Night - Invoking The Martial Gods
9. Warknife - Behold Regression
10 Unlight - Six Dark Suns

Torture Throne: facebook.com/pages/torture-throne/126973587350308
Burning Flesh: facebook.com/burningfleshband.ch
Thyruz: facebook.com/thyruz666
Hardcore Anal Hydrogen: facebook.com/hardcoreanalhydrogen
Bourreau: facebook.com/bourreau.metalband
Ixpapalotl: facebook.com/ixpapalotl
Aeons Confer: facebook.com/aeonsconfer
Visions Of The Night: facebook.com/VisionsOfTheNight
Warknife: facebook.com/pages/warknife/286090129669
Unlight: unlight.org

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