During my last spring break before graduating college my friends and I wanted to go on a trip and spend as little money as possible. One of us suggested that we camp out in Zion National Park in Utah, so the four of us packed us much as we could into my little Honda Fit and spent three days driving and camping outdoors.

Technical specs:

1920 x 1080 H.264 => Canon 5D Mk II
1868 × 792 Magic Lantern RAW => Canon 5D Mk II
Captured onto 32gb SanDisk Extreme Pro

24mm f/1.4 Canon L series II
135mm f/2 Canon L
50mm f/1.8D Nikon converted to EOS mount.

Car Mount => RigMount X, magnetic car mount.

My Raw workflow was preparing dailies by converting the DNG's to ProRes through After Effects. Timelapses were prepped through Lightroom and turned into JPEG sequences which I brought into Premiere to cut with. My project consisted of mixed media (ProRes, H264, JPEG sequence) which I cut and exported out a TIFF sequence which I brought into Lightroom. I did my color using VSCO camera filters which I exported back out as 8 bit JPEG's to reimport into Premiere and export a final ProRes file. My look from VSCO was based on Fuji Superia stock that I tweaked and adjusted to match.

Weight | Mikal Kronin

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