Commissioned by Beam ( for the launch of their 'Virtual Orangery' online environment. The Virtual Orangery reproduces a 3D scan of the physical building that Beam occupies, presenting it online as a virtual version of itself. The video is one of 4 commissions made in response to the physical space of the Orangery but designed to be watched online. All of the commissions can be watched at:

The video explores the influence of egocentric and geocentric spatial terminology on human perception of space. It references and recreates parts of a 'turning the tables' experiment used to test spatial perception, and locates this within the Orangery: a building with a specific spatial orientation, purposefully built with large south
facing windows.

The video was inspired by the perceptual shifts involved in looking around the Virtual Orangery from overview to point of view perspectives and by the recent relocation of the entrance to Wakefield Westgate station – a station adjacent to the Beam building – altering the route of approach to the Orangery building.

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